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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Standard Bottles Review

 Originally, we had intended on breastfeeding, but my daughter wasn't able to because of her prematurity. Instead, I exclusively pump breast-milk and feed to her through a bottle. We tried to Playtex bottles, but my daughter didn't like them. So, we heard that the Dr. Brown's bottles were good and bought a couple to try. She took to them instantly and has used them for the past six months.

The Dr. Brown's bottles are designed to reduced colic and gassiness and I have certainly seen that in my usage of them. My daughter rarely spits up and hardly even has to burp after her feedings. I contribute this to the design of the Dr. Brown's bottles and their inserts.

There are a few cons. It takes a while to clean all of the parts because each bottle has a nipple, bottle, coupling, air-flow regulator, and a air re-distributor. Those all have to be cleaned separately and if you have several bottles, it takes a while to clean all of them. I think that the benefits are worth the cleaning though. It helps if you buy the drying rack designed for the bottles too because it keeps the pieces organized as they dry.

Young Mom's Deals was not compensated for her review and her opinions are her own.

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