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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Evenflo Aura Oh! Travel System Review


I absolutely love the ease of this system! The car-seat can just be slipped right into the base with a simple click, which is FANTASTIC because I own a coupe (that I've had since I was 17 and not thinking about babies). I can just lean in from the front door and slip the car seat into the base unit and it locks right in! Fantastic and a great back-saver!

The car seat restraints are easy to snap and secure, although they are a bit difficult to adjust the size. You can chock this up to safety though, as you don't want the straps loosening in the event of an accident. It took my husband's strength the adjust the straps until we broke it in and now I can do it myself.

The stroller is easy to fold up and easy to unfold again, but it is rather large and bulky. It is hard to fit it into the trunk of our car, but our car is rather small, so I do not entirely fault the stroller. The wheels are set at an angle which makes them a little bit awkward when the unit is collapsed, but it is certainly not inhibitory.

It is easy to steer without being too sensitive, keeping to a straight path with minimal effort on my part. It has a joystick-style control for running/jogging, but the weight of this stroller does not seem conducive to that type of activity unless you are a glutton for punishment. If that is your intention, I would definitely find a lighter one.

That being said, the storage compartment underneath the stroller is rather small and cannot even fit my diaper bag, which has been a problem when I am out shopping. I usually have to just take the baby inside int the car-seat and set the car-seat over the basket and set the diaper bag in the cart. This sort of defeats the purpose of the stroller's compartment at all.

Young Mom's Deals was not compensated for her review and her opinions are merely her own.

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