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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bissell Little Green Machine Review

The Bissell Little Green Machine is a life-saver! When we moved out of our first apartment, we realized that there were dog-urine stains on the carpet that we had missed. Using this vac, along with some the cleaners that came with it, we were able to remove most of the stains! I was very impressed with the way that this vacuum operated.

We now use it around the house for everyday stains and dirt that accumulate on the carpet from mud, dirt, coffee, tea, baby food, and a miscellany of other stains. So far, it has done a fantastic job of removing everything that we have thrown at it.

It is lightweight, compact and easy to store. The hose winds around the bottle of the unit and hooks onto the back to provide easy and organized storage. The holding tanks are easy to fill and to empty and do not leak. 

The only flaw that I have come across so far is that instead of spraying the solution straight onto the stain, it is designed to spray sideways at a 45 degree angle. This seems a little bit weird to me and it wastes a lot of the solution if you are only doing a small stain. You have to hold the brush sideways, and aim the stream at the stain.

Young Moms Deals was not compensated for her review. Her opinions are merely her own.

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